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Please read class requirements prior to registration at the bottom of the page. 
Classes are done at your preferred location depending on your dog's needs.

Mindful Munchkins Preschool

(9 weeks-24 weeks)

Looking to set your puppy up for success? We know that puppy raising is serious business, which is why we created our Puppy Series programs for new puppy owners to help them through various stages of their lives and development, so that they confidently grow into the most well-rounded dog possible. Everything that you do with your puppy now is crucial and will shape their future. Preschool will set your puppy up to go straight into level one upon completion.

4 Sessions

60 Minutes Each

460 + hst


6 Sessions

60 Minutes Each

760 + hst

Mindful Munchkins Puppy Level One

(Up to 12 months)

Your puppy is older now and you are onto the next step in their development. Those naughty behaviours they once did while they were smaller aren't so cute anymore. Now that they have graduated preschool and learned some foundation skills, it's time to teach them about real life obedience and proper manners.



Mindful Munchkins Puppy Level Two

Now your puppy is moving into adulthood and you would like to continue their training to proof those foundation behaviours and keep their mind busy. Puppy Level One is a recommended prerequisite. 


6 Sessions

 60 Minutes Each

760 + hst


Puppy Parties

Puppy Club Socialization Group

(Up to 12 months old)

It is recommended that puppies attend a puppy socialization class and practice regularly, but what types of interactions should puppies have? What if there aren't any in your area? While some owners focus just on exposing puppies to many people and situations, it’s important to actually make sure that the puppy is having a positive experience and learning something good. A lot of people ultimately find themselves taking their puppy to a dog park. This is not a good place for any puppy. They become completely overwhelmed when they get swarmed by the dogs already there waiting for them at the gate. Dog parks are complete with germs, unknown dogs, and dogs that display inappropriate behaviours while their owners are off socializing with other humans. It takes only a second for one of those dogs to give your puppy a bad experience, making your puppy fearful and possibly reactive to other dogs as they age, for the rest of their life.

Puppy Club was created for puppies to come together for safe structured free play and socialization activities. Puppy Club is held at Wizard of Paws supervised by a certified trainer to teach the puppies about appropriate socialization. Contact us if you are not sure which your puppy would qualify for. 
Drop off your energetic pup while you walk the Farmer's Market and pick up a tired one! A tired puppy is a happy puppy. 

By starting early and being consistent you will provide the best chance that your pup will grow into a happy confident dog.

Puppies are required to have ONE set of age appropriate vaccines. Wondering about bringing your young puppy to come and play? Check out this position statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour, and here for the Post Pandemic Socialization Guide.

We limit spaces to 5 puppies max per play room.

 60 Minutes Each

30 + hst

Wicked Good Manners

A foundation program for the adult dog

For those who have an adult dog that is passed the puppy stage and you want the important key behaviours to having a well rounded family dog.


6 Sessions 

60 Minutes Each

760 + HST

Behaviour Modification 

For dogs that are having behaviour challenges

This program covers a wide variety of behaviour, from severe aggression to excitement greetings. 

It is a great option to fine tune any behaviours after completion of another program, to stay consistent with training or if you have old unwanted behaviours that you want resolved.

If your dog has been deemed helpless, put on a muzzle order, has an attack or bite history, severe separation anxiety, reactivity, fear, resource guarding, barking, jumping, pulling on leash, lacking impulse control, doesn't listen, has zero recall, issues with distractions out in public, or is on behaviour related medication. 


The lessons are personalized and take place at a location based on your dog's needs, whether at our facility, your home, or out in public; tell us a behaviour you want changed and we will make it happen, there isn't a dog we'll turn away.


6 Sessions
60 Minutes Each

1100 + HST

15 Minutes Each



Toto Tricksters

Trick Dog Training

Trick training taught by Maddisen Phelan, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, owner and trainer of amazing Trick Dog Champion, Rev, The Border Collie. Rev has starred in many commercial and media appearances, travels Ontario performing tricks, has had a video go viral, and was even a Top 3 Finalist on Facebook's World's Most Amazing Dog Competition with celebrities Lisa Vanderpump, George Lopez and America's Got Talent Preacher Lawson!

Learn some of the most impressive tricks of all time. Whether you are looking to level up and earn trick dog titles and ribbons through the Do More With Your Dog! program, impress your friends, or simply take cute pictures, this program guarantees 100% "Toto" satisfaction and fun for all ages of human and dog.

6 lessons, 60 minutes

670 + HST

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  Training Class Requirements


  • Fill out a training registration form online here prior to attendance

  • Payment is required to secure your spot

  • A healthy dog/puppy who has had at least ONE set of shots

  • Dog has been in your home for 7+ days without signs of illness



  • Notify us if your dog has allergies

  • Ensure your dog goes potty prior to entering the facility


  • Bring your dog if they are showing signs of being in heat, vomiting, or diarrhea within 48 hours.

  • Feed your dog before class

 What to bring to class


  • 6 foot leash and flat collar

  • Food and water bowl

  • Bed or blanket

  • Your dog's favourite tug toy

  • A variety of soft and smelly pea-sized treats (boiled chicken breast, hot dogs, Freshpet, Rollover dog food roll, liver bites)

  • Indoor shoes

Class Cancellation

  • Prior notice will be given in the case of cancellation due to weather, and a makeup lesson will be in place.

  • Please note that if you miss a class or are late, we are not to be held responsible for a refund or made up time.



Payment policy: Full payment of class programs are required within 48 hours of receiving a confirmation from Wizard of Paws. We are not able to pro-rate the class price due to anticipated class absence (ex. vacation).
*Travel fees may apply to those out of town for in-home training.

Cancellation and refund policy: Purchased classes can be cancelled and refunded in full up to 72 hours after purchase.  Sessions cannot be cancelled or refunded after this time. We require 24 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduling requests.
Please check your junk mail for email from if you have not received confirmation of class within 48 hours. If you have not received an email from us, please contact us at

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


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