Dog Training Programs

Private lessons and in-home training are available.

Mindful Munchkins 


Puppy Level One

Puppy Level Two

Puppy Level three

Looking to set your puppy up for success? We know that puppy raising is serious business, which is why we created this program for new puppy owners to help them grow into the most well-rounded dog possible. It is crucial to shaping your puppies future. This program covers socialization, basic manners, potty training, boundaries, fear periods, crate training, biting, chewing, puppy zen, tug and drop it, come, sit, stay, walk with me, appropriate greetings, problem prevention protocols, and more.

Curriculum: Name game, impulse control, leash walking, come when called, sit stay, lay on bed, appropriate greetings, door dashing, confidence building, problem prevention protocols, discussions on biting, potty training, jumping up, counter surfing, socialization and fear phases, and more!

You will receive:

  • On-going support via email or phone

  • Important tips and notes

  • Homework sheet following each lesson

  • Certificate Of Completion at the end of the program


Group lesson cost: $210 + tax

Private lesson cost: $360 + tax

6 weeks, one hour each

Puppy Series

Upcoming Group Classes

Puppy Level 1

(8 weeks - 12 months)


Puppy Level 2

(Prerequisite: Puppy Level 1)

Puppy Level 3

(Prerequisite: Puppy Level 1 & 2)

Day Training

We will train your dog for you

This is the perfect option if you have specific behaviour challenges that you would like to have worked on, but maybe you are too busy to take the time out for an evening training class or don't want to leave your puppy home while you run errands. No problem, we will do the training for you! Your puppies' day will include nature walks, socialization, enrichment games, play, nap time, and training skills. Training skills that are covered include potty training, crate training, appropriate greetings, relax on a bed, leash walking, impulse control around food, and so much more. You will receive a daily plan upon pickup to show you what your puppy did that day. Day-Training is offered in hourly sessions Tuesday-Friday. Typically for best results we recommend one hour sessions twice per week. Pickup and drop-off services available. This is a highly recommended program for setting your puppy up for success!


1 hour - $35 + tax


2 hours - $45 + tax

Follow-up session with owner (homework sheet included)

$50 + tax

Puppy Prep Consultations

You’ll have your bundle of joy for 12-15 years. Let us help get you ready for their arrival and start them off on the right paw. Pre-adoption consultations for adult dogs/shelter dogs also available. Puppy prep consults are 1 hour in length.


  • Puppy shopping list

  • Must have training tips on socialization and other important puppy topics

Puppy Club

Socialization Class

From about 3 weeks to about 16 weeks of age, puppies are primed for bonding to other animals and individuals, for learning that objects, people, and environments are safe, and for learning what the body cues and signals of others mean. It is their sensitive period for socialization and it is the most important socialization period in a dog’s life. Puppies who do not get adequate socialization during this period tend to be fearful of unfamiliar people, or dogs, or sounds, objects and environments.

It is recommended that puppies attend a puppy socialization class and practice regularly, but what types of interactions should puppies have? What if there aren't any in your area? While some owners focus just on exposing puppies to many people and situations, it’s important to actually make sure that the puppy is having a positive experience and learning something good. A lot of people ultimately find themselves taking their puppy to a dog park. This is not a good place for any puppy. They become completely overwhelmed when they get swarmed by the dogs already there waiting for them at the gate. Dog parks are complete with germs, unknown dogs, and dogs that display inappropriate behaviours while their owners are off socializing with other humans. It takes only a second for one of those dogs to give your puppy a bad experience, making your puppy fearful and possibly reactive to other dogs as they age, for the rest of their life.

Puppy Club was created for puppies to come together for safe structured free play and socialization activities. Puppy Club is held at Wizard of Paws supervised by a certified trainer to teach the puppies about appropriate socialization. Talk with other puppy owners, ask a professional any training questions or concerns, and come home with a happy and tired puppy.

By starting early and being consistent you will provide the best chance that your pup will grow into a happy confident dog.

Cost: $25 + tax

One hour each

Upcoming Classes

Cancelled until further notice.

Flying Monkeys

Pet Manners

For those who have adopted an adult dog that is passed the puppy stage and you want the important key behaviours to having a well rounded family dog.

You will receive: 

  • On-going support via email or phone

  • Important tips and notes

  • Homework sheet following each lesson

  • Certificate Of Completion at the end of the program

Group lesson cost: TBA

Private lesson cost: TBA

6 weeks, one hour each

Upcoming Group Classes


Toto Tricksters

Trick Dog Training

Trick training taught by Maddisen Phelan, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, owner and trainer of amazing Trick Dog Champion, Rev, The Border Collie. Rev has starred in many commercial and media appearances, travels Ontario performing tricks, has had a video go viral, and was even a Top 3 Finalist on Facebook's World's Most Amazing Dog Competition with celebrities Lisa Vanderpump, George Lopez and America's Got Talent Preacher Lawson!

Learn some of the most impressive tricks of all time. Whether you are looking to level up and earn trick dog titles and ribbons through the Do More With Your Dog! program, impress your friends, or simply take cute pictures, this program guarantees 100% "Toto" satisfaction and fun for all ages of human and dog.




Work towards your novice trick dog title, learn tricks such as sit pretty, spin, take a bow, say your prayers, shake paw, jump through a hoop, target, fetch, roll over, figure 8s, crawl, and more!


Work towards your intermediate trick dog title, learn tricks such as barrel racing, balance four paws on an object, weave walking, jump over my back, wipe your paws, jump into my arms, hold object in mouth, orbit, open a door, paw print painting, and more!

You will receive:

  • On-going support via email or phone

  • Homework sheet following each lesson

  • Certificate Of Completion at the end of the program


Group lesson cost: $250 + tax

Private lesson cost: $330 + tax

7 weeks, one hour each

Upcoming Group Classes





(Prerequisite: Novice)


Wicked Good Brain Games

Enrichment Program

This new class focuses on bonding, confidence building, busting boredom and enriching your dog's life. Learn new ways to have fun with your dog with simple games that you can play anytime, anywhere with your dog at any age! 

Group lesson cost: TBA

4 weeks, one hour each

Upcoming Group Classes


Virtual Training Sessions

In the comfort of your own home

Everywhere you look, people are finding new ways to spend time with their pups and those behaviour issues that didn't seem to be a bother before have turned into a nuissance now that you are home all the time. We understand we can't physically be here for you during these uncertain times, but we are here for you virtually in the comfort of your own home.


Discuss all of your "ask the trainer" questions, learn how to properly brush your dog to prevent matting or trim their nails at home, a training exercise that you are struggling with in class, learn what to do about those challenging puppy behaviours, learn a new trick, or be shown a new training or enrichment challenge to work your dog's mind.


We understand the struggles of not being able to bring your dog to a class which is why we are now offering 20 minute virtual sessions via Zoom video chat with a certified trainer and groomer so that you can continue your dog's training, health and enrichment while still practicing physical distancing.

Cost: $20

Length: 20-minute virtual session

"Not sure where we would be without her!"

"We got our new puppy, Henry, when he was almost 16 weeks old and knew we needed to start with training quickly, but didn't know where to start.  We were referred to Wizard of Paws by a friend and we immediately started 1 hour personal training sessions with Maddisen in our home on a weekly basis.


She guided us through the training each week with great patience, provided us with homework to work on each week and got us to graduation within 6 weeks for his Puppy Level 1 program. We continue to work with her monthly to work in new areas of focus. I feel confident when I am out with Henry that he will not bite other dogs or children, and he will come when he is called. He gladly engages in training with Maddisen anytime she is here, and is so excited to see her. Not sure where we would be without her! Thank you Maddisen and Wizard of Paws for all of your assistance and look forward to working together with you moving forward with our Henry."

-- Kim A.

Private and group dog training classes, specialty programs and grooming serving Halton Region and surrounding areas.


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