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  Training Class Requirements


  • Fill out a training registration form online here prior to attendance

  • Payment is required to secure your spot

  • A healthy dog/puppy who has had at least ONE set of shots

  • Dog has been in your home for 7+ days without signs of illness

  • Dog must be friendly and well mannered in the presence of other dogs and handlers in the class. Please contact us if you feel that they would not do well with other dogs.

 What to bring to class


  • 6 foot leash and flat collar. No flexi-leads please.

  • Food and water bowl

  • Bed or blanket

  • Your dog's favourite tug toy

  • A variety of soft and smelly pea-sized treats (boiled chicken breast, hot dogs, Freshpet, Rollover dog food roll, liver bites)

  • Indoor shoes


  • Notify us if your dog has allergies

  • Ensure your dog goes potty prior to entering the facility

  • Wear a face covering upon entering

  • Maintain social distancing if there are multiple clients waiting for service


  • Bring your dog if they are showing signs of being in heat, vomiting, or diarrhea within 48 hours.

  • Feed your dog before class

Class Cancellation


  • Prior notice will be given in the case of cancellation due to weather, and a makeup lesson will be in place.

  • We do not force interactions that will make dogs/puppies uncomfortable. We reserve the right to remove a puppy (without refund) for inappropriate behaviour causing harm to other puppies

  • Please note that if you miss a class or are late, we are not to be held responsible for a refund or made up time.



​7 James Street, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 2H2

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