Camp Paws Structured Training Day Camp 

Dogs need structure and we can't say that enough. It is so important to teach your dog to have appropriate skills around other dogs. Did you know that co-existing should be 49% of your dogs socialization, and only 1% interacting? Co-existing is going into social environments and having your dog co-exist with everything in that environment besides you. This means no one or their dog harasses your dog and your dog doesn’t harass anyone or any dog either. Interacting should be 1% of your dogs socialization, this is one of the reasons why dogs are so poorly socialized. It’s because everyone thinks socialization should be 99% interaction, yet that’s what we call hyper-socialization. Activities like dog parks, play-all-day daycares and letting your dog play with anyone and their dog is all hyper-socialization. This is the cause for majority of your dogs undesired behaviours when it comes to socializing. This means that most of each visit is filled with enrichment games, training exercises, and structure, however there will always be time for appropriate play sessions to learn proper social skills. A trial run is required for all new campers, however this is not mandatory for those who have used any of our services in the past. We ensure all of our camp counsellors are fully certified trainers. Camp Paws is offered Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

Camp Add-Ons:


Outdoor sniffari

Grooming services

Individual custom day train 

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Birthday party



$50 + hst

Trial Day/Evaluation

$65 + hst

5 Days per Week

$225.00 + hst

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